The Best Fireplace Gloves At Your Fingertips

Fireplace Gloves

The fireplace is a necessity during the cold months of winter. It is not only good for burning wood, there is more to it. For its first use of the chilly season, you should check on your equipment, including your fireplace gloves. Are they still serviceable? You can not wear a worn-out pair. Here are some important hearth accessories to inspect – wood cradle, heat resistant fireplace gloves, fireplace screen and poker – just to name a few.

You can find the equipment for your fire place heating system from different home improvement shops. In dealing with your fireplace, you should be cautious – you are dealing with fire which can burn you. Using fireplace gloves is an important way to protect your arms, hands and fingers while you rearange and fill the fire with more logs.

Building fire, burning wood – there is fun in these activities and happen during the holiday seasons.  Chances are, you might forget about the possibility of accidentally laying your hands on hot surface. Thus, gloves should always be handy for you to grab and wear them before you start working on the fireplace.

Never wear worn-out gloves especially those that have holes. You are at great risk of burning any exposed part of your hands. When your gloves seem over-used, it is time to replace it. After all, a new pair is not really too expensive. As you search for your new finger-hand-arm protection, know the different kinds of gloves to choose from.

The most important feature of a glove is not on its appearance. Your prime consideration should be on its heat resistance capability. Next, you have to determine the length of the gloves. Most of the items are fit-all-sizes and your option lies mainly in the length.

Here are samples of fireplace gloves you might want to consider as replacement of the old one.

  • Thick Insuleather fireplace gloves. This can be used as protection against ultra high temperatures. It provides assurance for its minimal shrinkage and hardening. Made in USA, size fits all; however, they come in two models. The regular is 13 inches long with 5 inches gauntlet. The extra-long is 18 inches in length with a 9 ½ inches gauntlet.
  • Gloves come in two sizes – the 13 ½  and 20 inches long. The color for both is black with red trimmings. Its exterior is made of 100 % split cowhide while the interior is lined with non-asbestos felt.
  • Flamex Gloves are very stylish in their red color. These are soft and flexible that will allow for the user free movement of the fingers. The size is 13 ½ inches with 5 ½ inches gauntlet. It has a smooth suede finish coupled with heavy duty insulation.

There are yet other styles of fireplace gloves to choose from. Choose an extra long pair of fireplace gloves for those deep fireplaces, and an extra thick insulated pair for those extra large hearths with large, hot fires.